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Monday, 7 April 2014

Cinema Review / HBD My Diva

Wondering what's up with this damsel? It's her birthday #screaming# Hurray!
Happy birthday, to Darkdiva my Diva. She gave me coconut candy when I was 5years old and since then I have been on her matter. Onome, the Jazz for that candy strong o! cos I'm stuck in love with you.
I wish you long life and prosperity, dearie.

Now, to my cinema review;
I told you guys, I would be going to the cinema one of the weekends, well I went with my girls yesterday.

When I stepped in, I was impressed with the size. It's really big, bigger than the one in Port-harcourt and I think almost the same size as the one in Abuja.

It's still a work in progress because there are some finishing touches that have not been put in place and the shops are still empty(so window shopping hasn't started yet).

Me sha I nor send, my own na make I watch film. The staff were welcoming and friendly. The tickets are really affordable, 800naira on weekends and 500naira on weekdays.

So I got a ticket, pop corn and a drink, and was off to see a movie. The first thing I noticed in the theatre was the signature rug of Silverbird in all its cinemas, that blue colourful rug. The seats where also nice and comfy.

By the time the movie started I had forgotten I was in Warri, I thought I was in another city watching a movie.

We experienced a brief power failure for some few seconds which was quickly restored, I liked the quick response.

In general, it was a nice experience and I was impressed. I enjoyed every bit of the movie.

Warri peeps who have been looking for somewhere to chill for the weekend, this is goodnews because you can go and relax now at Silverbird Cinema.
I know, I would definitely go back to see another movie next weekend. Inshort I would soon be a regular customer, because I'm a Big Movie Freak.

APROKO OF THE DAY: Genesis Cinema Scheduled To Open In Warri.

Now I used aproko instead of info because I never confirm the gist but news reaching my ears said Genesis Cinema is scheduled to open in Warri November, 2014 and it would be located at the Delta City Mall, the same place where Shoprite is also going to be.

If this is true, it's not bad. Let all of them come, I dey de wait them, lol.

Stay Sharp,
Warri Girl.


Thursday, 3 April 2014

Silverbird Cinema Opening In Warri

Dear WAG readers,

I wish to inform you with profound joy that Warri now has a Cinema.

Silverbird Cinema has landed in Waf city and would be officially opened tomorrow, Apirl 4th 2014.
The Cinema which is located at PTI junction opposite Woodridge Hotel, was actually scheduled to open sometime in March but was moved forward.(I can't give you guys aproko/reason about the change in date just that I know it's finally opening)

Ooh! And I have good news for all the Osho-free lovers. There would be free ticket for everyone until 11am. Osho-free-ers(people dat like free tinz), isn't this a good thing. If you are free on Friday morning, a free ticket awaits you.

The movies which would be showing are as follows;
- Robocop (not the olden days own o, the lastest robocop)
- 47 Ronin
- Shadow Recruit
- 300(Rise of an Empire)
- The Best Man Holiday
- When Dreams Fall Apart (a nollywood movie featuring Uche Jumbo)

For the cartoon/animation lovers, you have
- The Nut Job (No Nuts No Glory)
- He's Leaving His Mark on History

And, finally
Oscar Award Movie,
- 12 Years a Slave.

I have been dying to see 2movies on the list, 12 years a slave and 300. Thank God for the weekends, I would go and check them out one of these weekends.

So what do you say, Warri based peeps? Should we throw backy and dance that we have an entertainment center? Please don't throw back literally o, lol but just be happy that small small things are coming into the city. Shoprite sef is even under construction in Warri which is also cool ;)

INFO OF THE DAY: The Movie '12 Years a Slave'
'12 Years a Slave' won an Academy Award for Best Picture.

The movie—based on the life of Solomon Northup, a free Black man abducted and sold into slavery—also took home Oscars for Best Supporting Actress (Lupita Nyong'o) and Best Adapted Screenplay (John Ridley).

This makes it the first time a film by a Black director (Steve McQueen) has won Best Picture in the Academy's 86-year history.

One of the actors, Chiwetel Ejiofor is also a Nigerian.

Now you see why I want to see this movie, the rating for it is just too gbaski.

Stay Sharp,
Warri Girl.


Sunday, 30 March 2014

Shout Out On Mother's Day

Last night, I strolled down memory lane where I remembered how my mum used to shout and reprimand me when I do somethings she didn't approve of, even though they seemed normal to me at my little age. Sometimes she used auto-correct on me(smacks).

Was my mum right? yes she was. I was very-very playful when I was little, I nor dey gree hear word.
Then I would wonder why she couldn't ignore everything I did, why she had to force me to do things against my will.

Now, I look back and see that I was too young to understand her actions, she was shapening me to be someone special in life.
My mum is the best I could ever wish for. Without her guidance I won't be where I am today, she made me who I am and I keeping thanking God everyday for her life.

Mothers are unique gifts from God. That's why I chose today to celebrate my mother and give a shout out to all mums.

Happy Mother's Day to my mum and her fellow Super Mums around the globe.

INFO OF THE DAY: Mother's In Space
Shannon Lucid was already a mother when selected in 1978 to be an astronaut. She remembers being questioned by the press at that time on how her children would handle her being a mother in space and she went on to set an American record for time spent in space. During an 188 day stay in space, she sent daily emails to keep in touch with her family.

Another recent example is astronaut and mother Nicole Stott, who made history in 2009 when she sent live Twitter messages from the ISS(International Space Station).

Lovely, that shows that a mother's love doesn't just cut across borders or continents, it's so strong that it can cut across planets too.

Reciprocate the love, celebrate your mum today.

Stay Sharp,
Warri Girl.

Photo credit: Google Images
Info source: Wikipedia

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Short or Long?

Should I tag year 2014 as the' Year of Relationship' ...... #thinking#

Relationship things keep entering my eyes anyhow. There are so many trending gists that I can yarn(talk) about. Yet what is on my mind is relationship related.

I saw this on one of the social media and decided to share it.


I dey reason how to analyse this matter. Whether from the toaster's (boy's) or the toastee's (girl's) perspective. I think I would observe the matter from the toaster's angle briefly and leave the rest for you guys.

You know I always say that there is no fixed rule to relationships. If there was any fixed rule, there wouldn't have been any single lady apart from Nuns.

So from the toaster's perspective here is what I think - biko, na role play I dey do o! I'm not a lesbo - that said, over to the analysis.

Analysis 1: You may find out that after toasting the chic for one year and she finally agrees, she may no longer appeal to you.

Analysis 2: Someone else might have been doing the servicing for that one year while you stood at the road side as onlooker.

Analysis 3: Your bond with the sharp-sharp babe may just be love made in heaven and you would be grateful you didn't have to wait for one year to experience such bliss.

Analysis 4: After one year, the wait may be worth it, she could be the best you ever had or dreamt of.

Every mallam with he own kettle, do what best suits you. If you like spend 15years toasting a babe, you are OYO.

So Over to you WAG readers, what do you think?
Should toasting be short or long?
Guys, do you think a long chase would make her the right one?
Girls, should we gree quickly, not immediately o, like gree after a month/some months or drag the toasting long for 1year to show that we are wife material?

INFO OF THE DAY: Significant Other
Significant other (SO) is colloquially used as a gender-blind term for a person's partner in an intimate relationship without disclosing or presuming anything about marital status, relationship status, or sexual orientation, as it is vague enough to avoid offense by using a term that an individual might consider inappropriate (e.g. lover when he or she considers him or her a boyfriend or girlfriend).

Oyibo and their terms. 'SO' indeed#eyesrolling# abeg I won't liked to be tagged 'SO' if una like call me bush gal, I prefer defined tags, like 'girlfriend or fiancee or wife', before they mistake someone for concubine or mistress, lol.

So back to the main question,
Relationships: Lengthy Chase or Not?

Stay Sharp,
Warri Girl.

Info source: Wikipedia


Sunday, 16 March 2014


"Let's go out!!!", that was my restless feet talking.

I have been indoors resting since I got back from church and now these feet were disturbing that they wanted to go out. So I decided to take a stroll to my sister's house and I ended up doing 'ILLITERATE WAKA'.

Wondering what that is? I would explain. 'Illiterate waka' is a situation where you do a waka that shows illiteracy. In these modern days of communication, it's illiteracy to go and visit somebody without calling to confirm if he/she is home. It was in the days of our forefathers that mothers would just wake up one morning from the village and head to their son's house in the city without informing the son of their trip, not knowing whether their son is in town.

So back to my gist, I placed a call across to my sister informing her of my visit but her number wasn't going through. After many failed attempts, I just decided to blow to her house like that, with the guarantee that my sister is always at home on Sundays.

On arrival, I was disappointed. My sister wasn't home, the thing pain me chai!
See me when nor dey do illiterate waka, I always make sure I call to confirm before I step out, the only time when I try am the thing don back fire.

Please peeps, avoid illiterate waka o! Especially those babes that like weekend paroles/waka, make sure you call before you step out.

INFO OF THE DAY: Restless Legs Syndrome.

Restless legs syndrome is characterised by the compelling urge to move your legs, particularly when trying to sleep. The strange sensation in the calves has been described as a crawling ache. The cause is unknown, but it is thought to involve a nervous system malfunction. Iron deficiency is an important risk factor.

Thank God, my eyes were wide awake and sleep wasn't catching me when I decided to take a stroll if not some people for yab me say I get this syndrome, lol.

Stay Sharp,
Warri Girl.

Photo credit: 123rf
Info source: betterhealth.vic.gov.au

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Wash and Gum Your Mouth

"Wash and Gum your mouth

I saw this written on a fence just now on my way back from church. I feel that it's JAZZ!, maybe because today's sermon was somehow about the avoidance of fetish practices.

But I'm still reasoning 'wash and gum your mouth'. What exactly does it mean? Does it mean when you jazzically(spiritually) wash your mouth anything you say would gum and be final?

Is it like 'talk and gree'? whatever you say to someone, the person would just concur to it.

Nawa sha, so if that wash and gum advert is jazz, someone would just open his two korokoro eyes and call the number to wash and gum his/her mouth.

For the fact that they even did advert sef, is what should make you doubt/fear the more because crude/local things no need advert. Garri and Kpomor nor get advert, yet na them sell pass for market.

Hunger is wiring me here. Therefore, I'm off to wash my mouth and stomach with a nice meal. Happy sunday darlings.

Garri in its dry form mixed with soft cooked beans and palm oil is called 'Yor Ke' in the Ga language, in Ghana.

I doubt if there is any name for that combo in Nigeria, most people refer to it as 'beans and garri'.
Garri has been a good substitute for many great men in beans situation where there was no dodo to accompany it.

Stay Sharp,
Warri Girl.

Photo credit: Google Images
Info source: wikipedia

Sunday, 23 February 2014

A New Course In Technology

Over the years, aproko has taken a different turn from being oral and verbal to become digital and instant. Technology has aided the aproko business.

There is no need to save the gist for later when you can transmit it live by different instant messaging platforms.

This new means of aproko has made aproko to be one sided now. People no longer need to go about looking for a second party to gist with. All they have to do is become a registered Aproko Police and start monitoring other people's life on social media.

I can't blame the innocent people for sharing their lives on social media because I know the way the social media fire burns. It consumes you and most of the time you can't resist the urge to update.

Not like my hands are totally clean from Technological Aproko o but I believe I'm not so bad. Some people have B.Sc and even PhD certificate in this course and yet when they notice a situation of joy or sadness, they refuse to express their joy or condolences; they move immediately to the next fellow to monitor.

Personally I like people that notice my updates and talk to me about it, not the ones that notice, throwaway face and months later now make reference to it.

Like, a friend of mine met a friend of her's at the superstore about 4 months after she had a fatal accident and he was like, "Hey babe, how u doing? I saw u had an accident on your profile pic, I see you can walk around now, so you are better".
How annoying could that be, so he actually noticed she was involved in an accident and he didn't show concern then, if he hadn't ran into her that day, he would never had asked about her welfare.

Please people, don't just be monitoring spirit on other people's lives. Still try as much as possible to share in their joy and sadness and try to reduce the monitoring sha.

INFO OF THE DAY : Internet Access Statistic.
91% of mobile Internet access is for social activities with 73% of smartphone owners accessing social networks through apps at least once per day.

We are all guilty, aproko sweet die but please monitor with sense.

Stay Sharp,
Warri Girl.

Info source: The internet


Thursday, 13 February 2014

Valentine Toasting

As far as you are in Warri, everyday is an experience. Early this morning, I jejely entered one keke to Enehren juntion, one guy entered after me and sat beside me.

This is what transpired between us,
Guy: Babe you make sense.

Me, I just lock up, face my phone. Which one be the you make sense this kain early morning. Then before I knew he threw another line.

Guy: How the valentine dey be na, make we align na. I like get your digits make we hook up tomorrow.

He brought his phone out and stretch it for me to input my number. I just replied, "sorry please I'm not interested".
Guy: I be single o! So nor fear (that's exactly what he said, I be single o, not I am single o)

I don't know if it is the refusal or the English I spoke that got the guy to continue pushing and talking. I still locked up and kept on scrolling through my phone, eventually I blocked out all he was saying out of my head. After a while he kept quiet.

Then the Keke driver turned on his radio and a Christian programme was airing. I didn't hear what the Pastor said but the next thing I heard was the Keke guy beside me shouting.
"Tell them Pastor, na true. All this girls of nowadays nor get sense, boy go toast dem, dey go dey form say e nor dress well, e nor reach, later dey go go church go pray, when God fit don already send them their husband for Keke".
He sighed after his exclamation.

For my mind I said, "see this one o, when dey toast just now don turn Christian because I bone am". Warri! they can change things on top someone's head, lol.

What I saw next was Enehren junction, I have never been so happy to see that junction. I quickly alighted and left the guy ranting.

Since I laugh a lot, the guy gave me a good experience to laugh about and share with you guys.

Valentine fever is in the air now, all the boutiques don turn Igbe(displaying red outfits) and some people are seriously eager to have a Val. Please relax, it's just a normal day like every other day, so you won't die if you are Val-less. If you have a Val, it is also cool and make sure you enjoy yourself tomorrow.

INFO OF THE DAY: Valentine City
There is a town in Texas called Valentine, but not for a romantic reason. The first train to arrive there happened to do so on February 14.

This is nice, it would be a lovely place to visit for val with your spouse. They really said money makes love sweeter. I'm not saying money is key in love o! but the truth is that only a financially comfortable guy can be able to fly his lady from 9ja to Texas for Val.

Happy Valentine my darling WAG readers, wherever you spend your day be happy atleast know that I love you all and send out my love. XX

Stay Sharp,
Warri Girl.

Photo credit: Google Images.
Info source: Random Facts.


Saturday, 8 February 2014

Love At 10 Years

My blog posts are usually made up of some funny proverbs with sensible meanings, like my post titled ‘Proverb’s Award'.

Of all the proverbs I know, there is one particular proverb that I didn’t really send and that is “Old firewood burns faster”. Today’s gist has made me see some light in this proverb.

The gist is about my very close friend Jumute who I also call my P.I.C (decode it).

Jumute is getting married today to the love of her life after 10 YEARS of dating.  Yes, you read right! 10 long years of relationship, and when I say 10years, I don’t mean 10years of break-up and make-up, I mean 10 years of consistently dating. Quarrel, yes they did but breakup never happened.

I met Jumute in 2007 in my 100level at Delsu and we were both jambitos trying to do our registration. One day during registration she introduced me to her boyfriend, Ikhide. Me in my aproko self I started oral questionnaire and she said they have dated for about 3years. I was surprised, see us in 100 level and she has already dated for 3 years when as at then I never even think to start dating. Then she shared their story with me, which I'm going to share with you guys.


Jumute and Ikhide met in 2004 at the University of Benin where they were both course mate pursuing a diploma in Law. After 2years of dating/Diploma program, they were unable to secure admission as direct entry so they fell back to JAMB and both came to Abraka. Jumute got admission to study Business Administration while Ikhide got  Theater Arts (in which he has done so well, as far as getting nominated for the African Magic Viewers Award 2012)

Now they continued their love through out their 4year degree program in Abraka, from there it was time for NYSC. In 2011, the love birds made sure they serve in the same state and as cupid would have it, they were both posted to River State.


Can you imagine, getting to do love with your boyfriend(real bf from outside camp not 3weeks NYSC bf) with short nicker alongside sandflies and mosquitoes.

Then came the call of PPA(place of primary assignment). They were posted to different Local Government Areas but love still found a way to work it back that they were finally posted not only to the same Local Government Area but also to the same school as their PPA.

POP(Passing out parade) came in 2012 and the job search began. Ikhide got a job in Port-Harcourt with one of the telecom giants alongside his acting career but insisted he should be transferred to Warri since Jumute was based in Warri.

Now its 2014, 10years after and they are getting married !

Picture Time, Enjoy!



J9They have been with me all the way. This picture was taken at Power Summit where I was a guest speaker as a blogger Winking smile and they where there to support me.




Traditional Marriage

Bride and her chief-bride’s maid, Siekeme

Bride with her younger brother, Bruba Ejumudo


Bride with her friend, Ure Oghenejode


Bride and her cousin, Onos.

My mum with the couple.


INFO OF THE DAY: Firewood Seasoning
Firewood is split and aged for a certain amount of time to prepare it for burning. When first cut, wood is “green”, meaning it contains a lot of moisture and will not burn well. Green woods are carefully stack so that air can circulate, allow the wood to dry properly , prevent fungi and wood rot from attacking it. This process is called seasoning and usually takes about 6 months.Seasoned woods burns better and provides 20% more heat value than green wood.

This love journey is indeed a sample that ‘old firewood burns long’ because they have been seasoning for 10years, growing and enduring together, now the relationship is old and dry and their love ignites faster.

Transformation from 2004 – 2014

Happy married life to Jumute and Ikhide, my correcti* couple. It’s your wedding day, so be happy and rejoice!

N.B: There is no fixed rule in relationship, 10 years was successful for my friend but 5years may give another person heartbreak. So my dear WAG readers, live your life, fall in love but remain true to yourself don’t compare yourself with others.

Stay Sharp,
Warri Girl.

Info source : The Internet
*correcti - Warri way of saying correct

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Strength Of A Man

Initially I wanted to title this post, 'Not All Aje Are Aje'.
Some girls do things they think are Aje-ish, meanwhile the actions show lack of proper etiquettes.

I took a road trip some days back.

A presumed Aje chic who sat beside me was on the phone through out the journey. From Warri to Benin, down to Ore, continuous talking, me I was kind of finding it somehow making that kind of long call in a public vehicle and again I wanted to sleep, so it was causing some form of interference.

I asked a friend of mine who I was chatting with, say "abeg, MTN magic number don come back?", because this call done reach Ore so o. I just dey wonder.

Just before we got to the park(last bus stop), she did the grand finale, this I found so un-Aje-ish. She started making up, then combing her hair and you know when you comb your hair, strands start flying. She reach into her bag, brought out her body spray and sprayed herself wella!

Body spray in an Air-conditioned vehicle with other passengers. The spray was so harsh that an elderly lady behind started choking. For my mind, I'm like no!!! With the whole Aje packaging this is so Un-Aje-ish.

We alighted at the park and her boyfriend was there waiting for her
#GentelManGesture# #ILikeThat#

Strength of a Man! Na guy dey cause all this one so. Omo guys I hail una o, you know you guys are behind all the makeup, Peruvian and Brazilian hair that we girls do.

And I swear sometimes, it's not as easy as you think o. Ask your babe or sister how annoying and frustrating it is for us to make up in a very hot environment/atmosphere. You would know then that nor be only strength of a woman, strength of a man dey too. The babe did all those stuff in the bus because of her boyfriend.

Now it's clear that guys influence the action of most ladies. Guys enjoy this strength but don't forget that women are also powerful, we dey fear ourselves sef.

INFO OF THE DAY: Men and Blue Shirts
If a man can't decide what to wear on a date, he might want to wear blue. Studies show that women are attracted to men in blue.

Blue is actually my favourite colour, and I have once been attracted to a guy in a well pressed blue shirt.

Stay Sharp,
Warri Girl.

Info source: Random Facts.