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Monday, 21 January 2013

Mint Money Missing

You know how SSCE and JAMB English paper is like. You are given a long comprehension passage to read then asked to answers some questions at the end. This is like one of those papers.

1st of all, we are going to read the passage news after that, I'm going to answer the questions.

Culled from Vanguard;
SOON all that the National Assembly would be doing is investigating or probing one matter or the other. Even before the committees set out on these missions, the public is always certain about the outcome: nothing.

It is therefore with benign equanimity that Nigerians learnt that money was missing from the Mint, the factory that prints the national currency, at least the bit that is not imported. Its official name is the Nigerian Security Printing and Minting Company. The Mint has no security.

The scandal is not that money is missing; a milder manner of reporting a theft, but the disclosure that nobody knows what was stolen. The Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria guesses it is N2 billion, the Managing Director of the Mint said it was N1.5 billion while another Mint official posited an easily negligible N900, 000. The fact is that money was stolen from the Mint since early December.

It was not the first time. Would it be the last? For how long has this been happening? How was it possible? How much has been stolen? What about the numerous security cameras and body searches meant to forestall such occurrence? Who could steal from the Mint without official connivance?

To move N2 billion would require a sizeable vehicle, no matter the denomination in which the money is. Even the more paltry N900, 000 (an unlikely interest for a Mint thief) cannot be tucked into pockets. Stealing from the Mint falls in the realms of the highest levels of organised crime.

Questions and Answers:
1) It was not the first time. Would it be the last?
Until you catch thief before you go know say na thief. I don't think this is the first neither would it be the last
2) For how long has this been happening?
For a very long time. People don thief tire on top our head, catch us mugu for this Naija, but we never still get sense because we go still fall mugu again(there is still corruption).
3) How was it possible?
Blind man nor dey waka for where e nor know, person when know road must show am way.
4)How much has been stolen?
More than we can imagine, this one when nobody know the correct figure so, hope say they never thief the whole 9ja.
5)What about the numerous security cameras and body searches meant to forestall such occurrence? Who get house na know where switch dey to on and off light.
6) Who could steal from the Mint without official connivance?
Like I said before, na who get house, or person wen know owner of house, na know where switch dey.

INFO OF THE DAY: Obama Takes Oath of Office to Begin Second Term
Obama, with a slight smile, took the oath at an intimate, private ceremony in the Blue Room of the White House lasting less than a minute, raising his right arm and placing his left hand on a family Bible.
The president solemnly swore to “faithfully execute the office of President of the United States” and to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, so help me God.”

When this man speaks I believe the words out of his mouth unlike some leaders I know, I nor dey even bother my self to listen to them because all those their 'so help me God' na washi.

Stay Sharp,
Warri Girl.

Info source: www.vanguardngr.com


  1. I don't like to talk about Nigeria anymore, Nigeria is just too corrupt, how can one man steal so much money and it went unnoticed. Its only God's intervention that can help us.

    1. E reach not to have anything to say. Nigeria matter dey tire person

  2. If u follow 9ja mata na hospital u go see ursef#HeartAttack

  3. Why nigeria issue tire una? Its ur country try to change it. Talk,publish ur comments do wat u ve to do to make dis great nation good. If everybody nur talk meaning say we all go suffer. Well to crown it all WAG abeg if u suspect anybody concernin d mint stealing lemme knw on code make i collect my share nur be me go be mugu. Over and out. Xoxo

    1. Long throat *tongueout*. You dey find osho-free. Shey u know say awof(free thing) dey run belle.

  4. Its only God dat can come to our resue 4 dis 9ja wey we dey, if u lyk talk 4rm nw till wenever nofin wld happen its only by the grace of God dat a change can cm in2 our country cos wettin de ground pass all of us. Tegalouise

    1. We need all round deliverance and prayer for this nation.

  5. Our leaders go always show themselves. The worse is that nobody would be prosecuted. Very soon now we go hear say some senators gets mint machine for house...lollx


    1. Most of the time, big people are usually involved in the corrupt activities in Nigeria and nothing is done about it.

  6. @dafe I was encouraged by your comment, but you spoilt it by saying you want a part of the stolen money