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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Super Eagles 1st Match In AFCON 2013

Yesterday evening, 21st Jan. 2013, it took me 30mins to decide whether to continue watching The Event(a series) or to go watch the Super Eagles play their first match in the AFCON 2013. I finally decided to watch the Eagles.
I said 'Naija na my country, make I watch see wetin dey wan do, not like am expecting much from them'.

The match started and I kept on rolling my eyes it was just a normal Nigerian match with the Super Eagles dancing round the field.
Finally, the 1st goal! I didn't shout goal o, because I be nor wan injure myself by raising my spirit high and it gets scattered if the The Stallions of Burkina Faso later equalizes.
I just said 'Nice one super eagles'. The goal was scored by Emmanuel Emenike.

After that, the game was just a waste of time. There was the yellow cards turned red card for Efe Ambrose, fine boy Mikel Obi getting angry and looking finer #eyesclosed#.
Then more f-up play from the Eagles.

You know the saying, that 'a typical igbo man wants to chop alone', Uche carried that silly selfishness to the field when he had a clean shot at goal but due to his selfishness he refused to pass the ball. I trust Nigerians, dey go done kill that guy with curse.

Funny enough, through out the game I was expecting The Stallions to equalize because of their level of coordination but at the 90th min of the game, I concluded that Nigeria had luckily managed to win this one. The clock was ticking, 4mins injury time and I was waiting for the referee to blow the final whistle when at about the 94th min , there was a counter attack by The Stallions and that gave them the Equalizing goal.

I was like, WHAT! our defense was so loose and scattered. What were those defenders doing for Christ sake? Gosh! I got so mad with the Eagles, why cant they just stop disappointing us?

For making me get angry and committing an offense against me by watching their the match instead of my series, I'm going to hold some culprits responsible.
The No.1 culprit is Keshi....his team leading with less than a minute to go, they were still attacking and giving the ball away needlessly.
No.2 culprit is Uche... the time he should make a pass, he shoots, the time he should hold the ball, he makes a careless pass which led to the equalizing goal.
No.3 culprit is Yobo... too many mistakes by him.

In conclusion, the Eagles had police ball(high balls) at its best.

INFO OF THE DAY: Nigeria's Past Performances in AFCON
Nigeria won the African Nations Cup twice (1980 and 1994). More recently they took third place at the 2002 African Nations Cup, the 2004African Nations Cup, the 2006African Nations Cup, and the 2010African Nations Cup.

Once upon a time, Nigerians believed strongly in the Eagles and we used to sing "when Nigeria win Brazil, when Nigeria win Brazil ooo...Bebeto start to cry, when Nigeria win Brazil" for them.
 Now its different, how did they get to this present state? Just like Olise said in his analysis of the match, 'that's what you get when you keep on scattering and rebuilding a team.'

Let's hope they impress us with a win in the next match against the Chipolopolo of Zambia.

Stay Sharp,
Warri Girl.

Photo credit&Info source: The internet


  1. Its d only thing the super eagles knw hw to do,disappoint people

  2. Arsenal played their usual game...oh I said Arsenal?Nigeria I meant....come to think of it,Arsenal & Nigeria any difference?

  3. Hahahahah.....Lwkmd at Oro and Rainmaker

  4. I agree with you @ Oro. Only to diassapoint.

  5. uhmm sorry. what r u talkn about agn? #SuperChickens :|

    1. I hope they would improve now that they have been demoted from eagles to chickens, lol.

  6. On yesterday daily's i saw something dat made me actually watched d man. ' Eagle's vow to fly above Burkina Faso'. But wat i saw yestaday was Eagles creeping under Burkina Faso. Wat a shame fuckin Eagles. Xoxo

    1. Eagles weren't just creeping under the Stallions, the Stallions were stumbling on them.

  7. I assumed super eagle has changed and forced myself to watch. It only ended up the usual...lollx


  8. hahahaha @ ighox so so sorry bout dat me it was d daily's i saw but lets pray dey change against Zambia if not ......?

  9. 'a typical igbo man wants to chop alone', Uche carried that silly selfishness to the field when he had a clean shot at goal but due to his selfishness he refused to pass the ball.

    Why do other tribes hate Igbos like this?

    1. This is not an issue of hate for the igbos, its the fact that Uche messed up.