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Monday, 4 February 2013

Unbelievable Performance

Last night's performance by the Super Eagles was a shocker for Nigerians.

I can't still believe their wonderful performance. The Eagles played so well against The Elephants of Côte d'Ivoire. They brought their A game.
That was their best performance so far since the AFCON 2013 started.

E real clear say 'when you are faced with death, you do the unimaginable. Fence wen you nor fit jump on a normal day, you go jump am that day'.
The Super Eagles knew they were up against the giantic Elephants, who people regarded as the best team in Africa and 14th in the world.
So body real tell the Eagles say na death dem dey face so, and they did the unexpected and won with a clean 2-1 score line.

Thumbs up Super Eagles. You guys deserve a standing ovation.

I can confidently say AFCON 2013 finals here we come. Our next match is the semi-final game against Mali. With what I saw our team play yesterday, the semi-final match should be a leg(work)over for us.

INFO OF THE DAY: Drogba's Past in AFCON
Drogba was a part of the Côte d'Ivoire sides which reached the final of the Africa Cup of Nations in 2006 and 2012, but were beaten on penalties on both occasions.

Twice at the final and never wining the nations cup, Drogba had hopes for the cup this AFCON 2013 because this is probably his last appearance in AFCON.

Drogba be vexing now #Icanjustimagine#

Stay Sharp,
Warri Girl.


  1. Immediately the eagles won yesterday, I ran to to this blog. I knew you gonna say something.
    Yes! You did it. Im proud of the super eagles. Pray they dont fk up with their next game.

    1. James, I just had to say something. Their performance was very good. Sorry that you didn't see any new post yesterday, for now I'm a once a day, daily blogger. Still considering if I should increase my post per day. I haven't decided yet if I do I would sure let the WAG family know. xx

      Oh & I have great hope for our next match.

  2. Eagles lookin super for once . .i hope they dont break our hearts agen . .

    1. I seriously hope so too because the kain hope wen I get so..hmmm...if it gets crushed person go wound o.

  3. Firstly, I joined people to believe we could never win. But on a second thght I knew our opponent wld underate the eagles and we might have it. And so it was... Hurray!!!


    1. Maybe that was what happened but the Eagles performed nicely as well.

  4. Yea... I saw the real eagle played.